The Birth...
Portables Unlimited Inc. was founded in November 1999 by Raja R. Amar. This company was primarily a setup involving operations with the intent of selling Cellular Phones and Accessories. During that phase Portables Unlimited Inc. operated from one retail store in Westchester County, NY named TriCom Communications. Over the past 7+ years, Portables Unlimited Inc. has grown to become one of T-Mobile’s largest Master Distributors in the United States and the largest postpaid dealer in the Northeast. Operations now include a sub-dealer network of over 500 locations including 20+ Company owned and operated stores. The company owned locations are branded under the name The Cell Phone Store and are mostly mall based in NY (Metro & Upstate), WDC, MD, MA and CT. Cellular phone sales & activations have grown from 50 activations per month in 1999 to approximately 23,000 monthly T-Mobile activations in December of 2005. Revenues for the company are estimated to a tune of $90MM + for YE2005.

Portables Unlimited will continue to focus on retail & wholesale growth in the markets that we service. We will continue to offer quality customer service and believe that our dealer relationships are our most precious asset.

The Building Blocks...
At Present, Portables Unlimited is the premiere Agent for T-Mobile and amongst the largest Master Distributors in the Western United States and the largest postpaid dealer in the Northeast. Portables Unlimited has its wings spread across New York, WDC, MD, MA, NJ, VA and CT. Portables Unlimited proudly calls itself a very respectable Channel Partner of T Mobile.

At Portables Unlimited to achieve our objectives, we have put together processes and tried to consolidate our business infrastructure and conduct operations with the highest level of ethics, customer satisfaction and value creation for our business partners, our clients and our employees.

We work towards our goals with strong leadership, innovation and dedication to excellence. We grow revenues by continuing to acquire valuable points of distribution, and retain existing customers by providing benchmark level support and customer care.

Portables Unlimited Inc. has won many outstanding sales and service awards from T-Mobile and the County of Rockland. The most important awards recognize our achievements in the areas of Top Postpaid Sales , Churn Reduction and overall Sales Growth. We take pride in our relationship with both our dealer network and T-Mobile.

We are proud to announce that Portables Unlimited Inc. received 9 prestigious Awards at T-Mobile’s Dealer Award Banquet held in Mohegan Sun Casino. Portables Unlimited Inc. was one of the top T-Mobile Q3 2004 award winners in the following categories:

  • Top Sales Growth – New Jersey
  • Top Gross Sales – Connecticut
  • Top Gross Sales – Upstate New York
  • Top Net Sales – Washington DC Metro
  • Top Service Excellence (3) – New York Metro, Connecticut & Upstate New York
  • Top Renewals – Upstate New York
  • Top Prepaid Sales – Upstate New York
  • Portables Unlimited Inc. has always with its team strength managed to grow business, a few highlights of the past :

  • Portables announced major Master Dealer acquisitions. In October & November 2004, Portables Unlimited Inc. acquired the T-Mobile dealer base of American Connections LLC & Mobileistic Inc. This acquisitions represent the largest combination of Master Dealers for T-Mobile in the Northeast bringing Portables Unlimited Inc.’s dealer base to over 500 sub-dealers. Portables Unlimited Inc. services sub-dealers in New York Metro, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Upstate NY (Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Rochester). Portables Unlimited Inc. was proud to have been entrusted by ACL & Mobileistic management with the servicing of their T-Mobile dealer base. Over the past several years both ACL & Mobileistic have shown tremendous growth and service for T-Mobile and the acquisition allows them to focus further on their retail growth strategy. Even on this present day, we have maintained the relationships and have taken extra care of these dealers and everybody involved in the merger.
  • Portables Unlimited in the past several years of successful business operations, have attained to reach certain levels with the Industry leaders as HTC, Motorola, Nokia, RIM & Samsung.
  • Dealer Support
    Dealer support is one of the biggest strengths at Portables. Every department in the company supports the customer autonomously by providing specific support functions. This has contributed to giving Portables a good reputation in the market, as well as a low dealer turnover rate.

  • Portables Unlimited customer service is a differentiating factor from other Master Dealers
  • Effective support of all Portables markets
  • Fostering increased Watson usage
  • Timely and updated information on all T-Mobile plans and promotions
  • Dealer training on equipment and data
  • Availability of adequate POP and merchandizing at all dealer locations
  • Portables Unlimited believes that our corporate culture is a key enabler of our performance and of our customers' and employees' satisfaction. We know that our strong culture makes a huge difference in what it feels like to work here. Our culture affects how we enter new markets, deliver new technologies, improve quality and customer satisfaction, and attract and retain employees.

    Guided by Shared Values
    We believe in these values because that is who we are. This takes courage and honesty on our part; and from others we ask that if we don't seem to be living up to our values, call us.

  • We are customer connected. We strive to understand their needs, validate what we learn and search for ways to provide timely solutions which our customers will see as superior in quality and value. We look for ways to delight our customers.
  • We are committed to excellence in all we do. If it is worth doing, do it well. We seek continuous improvement and we promote life long learning.
  • We are accountable for results. We do what we say we are going to do and accept responsibility to manage change. Ownership has empowerment. Clear objectives and measurements are set for reasonable goals.
  • We believe in the strength of the team. That only through shared ideas and competencies, with trust, mutual respect and effective cooperation within and among all can we achieve our goals.
  • Our business is always conducted with respect for the value of each individual. We always strive to be fair and compassionate as well as professional and courteous.
  • Our environment stimulates and supports innovation, self-challenge and flexibility to achieve relevant results that are clearly better than anyone else's. We promote risk taking and questioning of the status quo.
  • We will conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. We are open and honest. We say what we mean and mean what we say in all dealings.
  • Communication is a core value. Ours will be timely, accurate and concise.
  • Our Facility
    The company has recently relocated both the wholesale and retail operations from Westchester County to Nanuet, NY. The new facility includes 12,000 square foot of office and warehouse space in the strategic area of Route 59. We believe that this new facility will allow us to continue growing operations in additional markets and was specifically designed to benefit our employees and sub-dealers. The facility has a dealer training room, employee workout area, ample parking and a state of the art Service Department and Warehouse.

    Net Worth
    Year 2004 pro forma annual business turnover was more than $32 million, which has been overridden by a whopping figure of over $90 million for the year 2005.

    Portables Unlimited
    136, First Street
    Nanuet, NY 10954